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Fusion Therapeutics is the research and development arm of Fusion Antibodies Ltd. Our two lead antibodies (Fsn0503h and Fsn1006h) are currently in late pre-clinical and clinical development.

Fusion Therapeutics covers all in-house research and development projects at Fusion Antibodies. Fusion Therapeutics R&D is primarily focused on the key areas of oncology and angiogenesis where immunotherapeutic intervention has a proven track record. Our genomic mining and proteomic discovery strategy has resulted in the development of a promising pipeline of candidate drugs. Fusion Therapeutics have a number of exciting targets undergoing validation with two targets currently in preclinical trials. Proof of concept reagents are produced using our FETTM platform and after successful in vivo and in vitro validation our lead drug candidates are humanized in preparation for Phase1 clinical trials.


Fsn0503h: anti-Cathepsin S antibody

Fsn0503h is a fully human anti-Cathepsin S antibody with anti-tumour and anti-angiogenic properties. Cathepsin S is a cysteine protease highly expressed in many cancers including colorectal, breast, prostate and glioblastoma’s. It is involved in tumour progression through extracellular matrix remodelling. Fusion Therapeutics has generated positive preclinical data demonstrating efficacy of Fsn0503h in multiple models both as a monotherapy and in combination with approved agents.

In September 2015 Fusion Antibodeis signed an outlicensing deal with Clarity Pharmaceuticals Ltd in Sydney, Australia to develop a Cathepsin S specific antibody for the treatment of a range of cancers. Under the licensing agreement, Clarity plans to further develop its lead antibody drug, Fsn0503, and progress through clinical trials by leveraging Clarity’s cutting edge expertise in the field of biopharmaceutical imaging. As such, Clarity has high potential to successfully move the drug candidate to humans and increase the chance of success for the therapy by utilising a radiopharmaceutical based companion diagnostic / therapy approach.

Fsn1006: Fsn1006 is a dual specific IgG1 monoclonal antibody which binds AREG and HB-EGF.

The Epidermal Growth Factor receptor (EGF-R) pathway has been proven to be critical in the progression of several types of cancer including colon, breast and lung cancer. Targeting the pathway by the inhibition of tyrosine kinase receptors, using either monoclonal antibodies (e.g Erbitux, Vectibix) or tyrosine kinases inhibitors (e.g.Tarceva, Iressa and Lapatinib) has proven both clinically efficacious and commercially successful with combined sales of these agents in excess of $3.5B in 2009 (Source, Thomson Pharma). A significant amount of genetic characterisation work has gone into the identification of responder and non-responder populations of EGFR inhibitor therapeutics but nonetheless, the current response rates of approximately 23% when combined with chemotherapy highlights the need for further improvement in strategies that target this pathway.

Fsn1006 is a second generation dual-targeting monoclonal antibody which inhibits the activity of amphiregulin (AREG) and heparin-binding EGF (HB-EGF), two EGF-R ligands that have been identified as key agonists of the pathway in cancer. Fsn1006 has the additional benefit of also blocking HB-EGF activation of ErbB4, a sister receptor, frequently involved in activation of EGF through heterodimerisation.

The targets: AREG and HB-EGF

  • play a key role in tumour angiogenesis
  • are involved in tumour proliferation
  • have a clear role in tumour migration, invasion and metastasis.
  • are highly expressed in multiple cancers including (colon, breast, prostate, lung and ovarian cancer)
  • expression is enhanced following exposure to chemotherapy.
  • are over-expressed in conventional chemotherapy resistant patients and in Cetuximab resistant patients.
  • serum levels may be useful for patient stratification and monitoring therapeutic progress

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