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Fusion Antibodies has worked with many pharmaceutical companies, universities and government agencies around the globe.

Our world class, reliable, professional contract research services allow these companies to speed up their drug development processes, optimise their expression protocols and discover their antibody sequences.

Partnership with Celonic AG

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Fusion Antibodies have entered into a partnership with Swiss contract manufacturing organisation Celonic AG to collaborate on the development of high yield stable cell lines. The deal will allow clients of Fusion Antibodies a direct & efficient supply path to clinical trial material by taking advantage of the scale-up and development capabilities of Celonic.

Celonic is a CDMO/CMO based in Basel, Switzerland offering clients the development and manufacturing services for New Biological Enities (NBEs) and Biosimilars worldwide. The services include the development of cell lines, production processes as well as the GMP and non-GMP manufacturing of biopharmaceutical drug substances. In addition Celonic licenses its proprietary SEFEX cell line technology to clients, drug developers and other service provider.

Visit Celonic's website at www.celonic.com.

Partnership with MAB Discovery

MAB Discovery's Logo

Further to our in-house monoclonal antibody development capabilities, we also have a strategic alliance with MAB Discovery GmbH. MAB Discovery has a proprietary platform that is a highly automated antibody production workflow, which functionally screens individual antibody secreting rabbit B-cells, leading to the identification of high affinity, highly diverse and functional antibodies. Fusion Antibodies have teamed up with MAB Discovery to seamlessly humanize these rabbit antibodies via our CDRx™ humanization platform. The result directly from the discovery stage, is a panel of high affinity, highly diverse, potent, humanized, functional antibodies providing biopharma a fast-track to the clinic.

Visit MAB Discovery's website at www.mabdiscovery.com.

BizCom Japan 

Bizcom Japan Logo

BizCom Japan, Inc. is a trading and consulting company based in Tokyo, Japan. From its foundation in 1996, it has been collaborating with various innovative companies in biotechnology, pharmaceutical, diagnostic, cosmetic and medical device industries. In addition to providing research reagents, services and equipment to the life science researchers, BizCom Japan gives personalized solutions to its clients.

BizCom Japan act as Fusion Antibodies distributor to the Japanese market.

More information is available at http://www.bizcomjapan.com/

Other Clients

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