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Fusion Antibodies' transient expression services are your first choice for high quality and reliable recombinant protein expression in mammalian or bacterial systems.

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Transient protein expression services from world-leader Fusion Antibodies employ highly developed processes which are customized to suit your specific requirements. From drug development to high throughput screening; we have the capabilities to meet a wide array of needs in parallel. Fusion Antibodies ensure fast turnaround of reliable recombinant proteins, enabling our clients to quickly move ahead with development of their research targets.

Transient expression is an established process that is made even more effective and efficient by using scientifically advanced technology developed by our team. We can provide expression in both mammalian and bacterial systems and have combined our bioinformatics and proteomic expertise to consistently produce high quality proteins. Our outstanding technical skills stem from our own drug discovery programes and have been utilized by many large pharmaceutical companies and universities worldwide.

Mammalian transient expression allows you to:

Fusion Antibodies Mammalian Transient Expression service gives you early access to your proteins expressed in a mammalian system without the lengthy time-scales of stable cell line development.

  • Rapidly go from cloned genes to large quantities of protein in a few weeks
  • Obtain fully post-translationally modified and active mammalian proteins
  • High transfection efficiencies
  • GFP control
  • Fusion Antibodies can also purify secreted proteins from serum free cell culture medium and scale up from 50ml to 1+L cultures

Fusion Antibodies Transient Expression Shake FlaskAdded to that is Fusion Antibodies’ ability to produce high quality, purified proteins from difficult to transfect cell lines at competitive rates. If you’re looking to maximize time, yield and value, then bring us your requirements and we’ll draw up a detailed proposal with timelines and cost.

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FET™bacterial expression services

The Fusion Expression Technology platform (FET™) provides a reliable, professional service for the expression of your gene of interest in a bacterial system. As experts in the expression of both soluble and insoluble recombinant proteins, Fusion Antibodies offers a world class E. coli expression service to develop your research targets.

Fusion Antibodies have a proven track record of successful expression of hard-to-produce proteins (such as fcRn and a range of TB antigens) and are skilled in the production of highly bioactive, highly soluble recombinant proteins. Our specialist team are experts in refolding of insoluble inclusion bodies and in development of optimal expression conditions for your recombinant proteins. For most projects we expect a rapid turnaround of approximately 4 weeks including generation of a full technical report of the work completed.

Our recombinant proteins can be used as bio-markers, diagnostic test proteins and also as excellent antigens which produce a strong immune response and yield antibodies in 99% of cases.

Examples of proteins produced by transient expression using our ‘Fusion Expression Technology’ (FET™) platform:

  • Mammalian targets – Cytokines, Receptors, Enzymes
  • Bacterial targets – TB, Yersinia pestis
  • Viral targets – Hepatitus B, Sars, Vaccinia

Bacterial protein expression services:

  • Fusion Antibodies Bacterial Expression and Protein Purification

    Recombinant protein expression

    Fusion Antibodies offer a range of transient expression services which can include recloning of your gene of interest into optimized expression vectors and optimisation of expression in a range of culture conditions to achieve the best possible results.
  • Protein purification

    Fusion Antibodies can offer a range of protein purification techniques including affinity chromatography, ion exchange, GST/HIS tagged native purification, refold by dialysis, refold on column and more.
  • Protein stability studies and quality control

    Fusion Antibodies are able to offer a wide range of quality control and stability studies at your request. We have the ability and expertise to assess the stability of your protein of interest in various buffers and can design a bespoke buffer for your recombinant protein to ensure maximum activity levels, stability and shelf life. We can conduct a wide range of quality control and optimization assays including;
    • SDS-PAGE
    • Western Blot
    • ELISA
    • Endotoxin (LPS) quantification assays
    • Endotoxin (LPS) removal assays

For more information contact us today! Email or call UK +44 (0)28 9043 2800

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