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The human immune system generates the best human antibodies; that’s why our antibody humanization service mimics this natural process to generate diverse, stable, humanized antibodies that are optimized for manufacturing.

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We go beyond antibody humanization to de-risk your project

Built on decades of combined experience in the antibody development industry our CDRx™ platform enables a robust, reliable and accurate modernized version of the CDR grafting technique. Our team have humanized 1000’s of antibodies and understand what is important to you.

Not only is our antibody humanization service unique in using mature human frameworks our CDRx™ platform builds developability and manufacturability assessment into the humanization process. The result is that our antibodies are more manufacturable; de-risking your project by significantly lowering your downstream development costs.

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Don’t limit your project to germline frameworks; choose diversity

We don’t believe in restricting your humanized antibody to a limited set of human germline sequences so our process is built around diversity. We screen databases of over 130,000 mature human frameworks to graft your CDRs into, rather than using human germline frameworks. Why is this important? The humanized antibodies we generate are closer to real human antibodies and are therefore less immunogenic, more stable, easier to express and more likely to succeed. In many cases improved the affinity of the humanized version over the parental antibody. Our process has enabled a 98% success rate by producing the correct number of sequences necessary to obtain the optimal candidate, allowing multiple projects to be accelerated to the clinic.

Mice, Rats, Rabbits, Chickens, Llama… We’ve humanized them all

With over 125 humanization projects completed, we have experience discovering and humanizing your antibody species. Regardless of the origin species we apply the same rules as the WHO to determine humanization success and the CDRx™ antibody humanization platform produces antibodies which receive the -zu- species origin substem.

A word about rabbits

As an increasingly popular tool for generating therapeutic antibodies Fusion Antibodies is your experienced partner for rabbit antibody humanization with over 1000 rabbit antibodies humanized.

The rabbit immune system generates more diverse antibodies with higher affinities. This is a result of gene conversion and the resulting antibodies being derived from multiple rabbit germlines. As a result, our expertise and experience allows us to identify the correct frameworks from somatically hypermutated sequences which will better represent this diversity.

Our CDRx™ Platform is clinically validated

Proof of our platform’s efficacy is that several of our client's antibodies humanized using the Fusion Antibodies CDRx™ platform are in Phase 1 and Phase 2 trials. At Fusion your project becomes our project and we strive for success every step of the way. Our commitment to our clients has allowed us to rescue multiple projects where other vendors have failed to humanize their antibody. In some cases, we have even improved both the affinity and functionality of the humanised antibody, allowing new I.P to be sought and won.

Key points

  • Next generation in silico CDR grafting platform
  • We predict and avoid T-cell epitopes using the same prediction tools as the FDA.
  • We predict and avoid sequence liabilities for deamidation, glycosylation, oxidation, cleavage.
  • We will model each variant using molecular dynamics and rank the variants by RMSD from the parental antibody.
  • 2-fold affinity guarantee
  • Antibody humanization from a broad range of parental species including mouse, rat, rabbit, chicken, llama and avian
  • scFvs, Fabs and other antibodies humanized
  • 18+ years’ experience of antibody drug development
  • Flexible payment terms and business models

Flexible packages to work in synergy with your team

Flexibility is a core value to Fusion Antibodies and our goal is to supplement the requirements of your team. Fusion Antibodies can offer a complete range of services from humanized antibody design, to expression, characterization and stable expression. You may choose to include/exclude as many stages as you would like from your final package. Our goal is to develop a custom package of services and work in collaboration with your team to support your development pathway.

Core Antibody Humanization Service

  •          Antibody humanization design
  •          Plasmid synthesis and cloning
  •          Transient expression
  •          Stable cell line development

ADDing Developability by Design

Fusion Antibodies can take your humanization on step further with our ADD™ platform. With ADD™ we begin with the end in mind and can apply our expert knowledge and cutting edge technologies to design exceptional antibodies for our clients. Different antibody attributes impact the safety, efficacy and cost of goods (COGs) of your drug candidate. Potential ‘developability’ issues can be addressed by optimization of your antibody sequence. By designing the optimal antibody sequence, we can accelerate your development program, saving you time and money while helping your treatment reach patients faster.

The services offered by our ADD platform can be built directly into our humanization services to develop the best possible antibody.

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