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We offer a royalty free antibody humanization service built on the success of 100+ projects. Proof of our platform’s efficacy is that several of our client's antibodies humanized using the Fusion Antibodies CDRx™ platform are in Phase 1 and Phase 2 trials.

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Built on decades of combined experience in the antibody development industry our CDRx™ platform enables a robust, reliable and accurate modernized version of the CDR grafting technique. We identify and combine the essential sequences from antibody variable domains into human donor sequences to create a panel of full length humanized antibodies for expression. The Fusion Antibodies humanization platform produces antibodies which are compliant with the WHO/INN definitions of a humanized antibody to receive the -zu- species origin substem.

Fully humanized monoclonal antibodies are an essential step in the progression of your drug to the clinic and the in-house expertise at Fusion Antibodies ensures its success.

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Our antibody humanization service process

Fusion Antibodies have developed a modernized version of the CDR grafting technique with a few key improvements. We identify the CDRs from your antibody sequences using our own custom algorithms (a combination of traditional Kabat and IMGT algorithms) and graft these frameworks carefully selected from databases of 100's of thousands of mature human antibody frameworks. Frameworks are selected based on a number of factors including homology and position of some key residues. The sequences we choose have undergone somatic hypermutation in a human being, they are not back-mutated or otherwise artificially modified and produce a panel of high quality, full length, humanized antibodies for expression.

Key points

  • Next generation in silico CDR grafting platform
  • Improvements over traditional CDR grafting methods
  • T-Cell epitope screening included in the design stage
  • Chimeric control included
  • WHO/INN humanized definition compliant
  • 3D Structural predictions included*
  • 2-fold affinity guarantee*
  • Antibody humanization from a broad range of parental species including mouse, rat, rabbit, llama and avian
  • scFvs, Fabs and other antibodies humanized
  • Patented process with no royalties
  • 15 years experience of antibody drug development
  • European based limited company
  • Milestoned payments

*included in most packages, please inquire for more details

For more information contact us using the form above, email or call UK +44 (0)28 9043 2800

Flexible packages to work in synergy with your team

We differentiate our antibody humanization service packages by the number of humanized variants you would like to design. When we obtain your parental antibody sequence we will design either 4 VH and VL sequences (The Standard Package) or 5 VH and VL sequences (The Pharma Package). When these are recombined they will give 16 or 25 different humanized antibodies which we would express and test to find a lead candidate. Each package also includes a chimeric control antibody (VH0-VL0).

Flexibility is a core value to Fusion Antibodies and our goal is to supplement the requirements of your team. Fusion Antibodies can offer a complete range of services from humanized antibody design, to expression, to characterization and stable expression. You may choose to include/exclude as many stages as you would like from your final package. Our goal to develop a custom package of services and work in collaboration with your team to support your development pathway. We don't need to reinvent the wheel!

Core Antibody Humanization Service

  • Antibody humanization design
  • Plasmid synthesis and cloning
  • Transient expression
  • Stable cell line development

Complementary Services

  • Biacore analysis
  • Epitope mapping
  • Endotoxin analysis
  • Size exclusion chromatography
  • Plus many more!

If there is a specific service you require, Fusion Antibodies have a strong network of preferred partners which allows us to source a high quality solution. Our time in the industry has taught us who the best providers are and we are happy to coordinate with these third parties to meet all the requirements of your project.

For more information contact us using the form above, email or call UK +44 (0)28 9043 2800

Guaranteed results

In our Pharma package, we guarantee that there will be an antibody of similar affinity or better. When we design 25 humanized antibodies we guarantee that we will find one (or more) antibodies which have affinity within a two-fold range of the parental antibody. This means (for example) if your parental antibody had an affinity to its antigen of 2.4nM, we would guarantee to find a humanized antibody of 4.8nM or better. In some cases we actually improve affinity.

Fusion Antibodies Humanized Variants comparison ELISA

Figure 1: When we design humanized antibodies we expect a range of affinities. The greater the number of humanized variants you opt to design, the greater flexibility you will have in selecting a lead candidate.

For more information contact us using the form above, email or call UK +44 (0)28 9043 2800

The CDRx™ antibody humanization platform

Fusion Antibodies have developed a next generation in silico platform for rapid, reliable and robust antibody humanization. The primary function of our software is to perform the initial screen of 100,000+ human antibody sequences and display the top matches (based on homology). Only this tool allows the screening of such large databases in an easy interface and we believe that this is critical to selection of an appropriate human recipient antibody.

Fusion Antibodies CDRx Platform

This software facilitates easy ranking, organisation and comparison of the sequences and allows the responsible scientist to investigate each sequence and its suitability for CDR grafting.

For more information contact us using the form above, email or call UK +44 (0)28 9043 2800

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