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Antibody Developability by Design; introducing ADD

Fusion Antibodies is proud to introduce our ADD™ platform, to help advance novel biologics through clinical development and to the market. The more we learn about clinical successes and failures, the better we can apply our expert knowledge and cutting edge technologies to design exceptional antibodies for our clients.

What is ADD™?

We begin with the end in mind. Different antibody attributes impact the safety, efficacy and cost of goods (COGs) of your drug candidate. Potential ‘developability’ issues can be addressed by optimization of your antibody sequence that will enable you to bring those antibodies faster to the clinic and with lower resources. By designing the optimal antibody sequence, we can accelerate your development program, saving you time and money while helping your treatment reach patients faster.

Why Fusion Antibodies?

Fusion Antibodies can assess and optimize the developability profile of your antibody at the earliest stages to deliver the best possible antibody sequence. With years of experience in antibody engineering and manufacturing cell line development, Fusion Antibodies understand what it takes to deliver the optimal antibody sequence. Our platform provides cost-effective solutions to mitigate risk throughout your antibody development program, offering the best chances of success in the clinic.

Our Antibody Developability Service Packages

We offer a range of standard and tailored packages to help you reach your end goal/ target candidate profile:


1. Individual in silico or in vitro analyses

We offer a full menu of individual Antibody Analysis Services in silico and in vitro protein analyses of the primary sequence and tertiary structure of your protein to probe the target affinity, immunogenicity, primary sequence liabilities, thermostability, aggregation potential, effector function and yield. We also offer full antibody batch QC options, which includes analysis of yield, purity, concentration and endotoxin levels. 

More details on these indivdual services can be found on our Antibody Analysis Services page.

2. In silico antibody developability analysis package

We offer a combined in silico primary sequence and tertiary structure profiling of your protein to investigate its target affinity, immunogenicity and manufacturability. This package is useful for aiding lead and candidate selection during the drug discovery process

3. Antibody developability consultancy package

We offer a consultancy package including in silico primary sequence and tertiary structure profiling of your protein followed by a detailed optimisation proposal to improve the developability profile. All designed protein variants will be modeled and analyzed to support our recommendations. This can be extended to a tailored package including in vitro analysis of designed variants to support the optimization program and aid in selection of a lead candidate for development.

4. Tailored optimization package

We offer a full range of tailored packages including in silico and in vitro profiling of protein variants to improve the developability profile of your protein. This includes affinity optimisation, reduction in propensity for aggregation, removal of T cell epitopes, CDR germlining, removal of charge variants and more. Packages can be built from our suite of in silico analyses and in vitro techniques.

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