New technology for affinity maturation

Fusion Antibodies are working with a number of clients on pilot projects for their latest technology – RAMP™ – Rational Affinity Maturation Platform.

RAMP™ was launched at the end of 2018 and clients have been coming on board to benefit from the innovative in silico approach to Affinity Maturation, particularly for time sensitive projects.

The range of clients includes one of the world’s top ten pharmaceutical companies, multiple biotech companies in Asia and Europe, and a UK based academic research institution.

Dr. Paul Kerr, CEO, Fusion Antibodies, said, “Having presented the technology platform at Antibody Engineering and Therapeutics, San Diego at the end of 2018, we are delighted that a number of projects have now commenced with us. We welcome the opportunity to help these clients address difficult roadblocks in their antibody development projects.”

Chief Technology Officer, Dr. Richard Buick commented, “We have already tested the power of our platform on one of the world’s bestselling drugs, Trastuzumab, and significantly improved its affinity. We are excited for the opportunity to demonstrate the power that lies in our approach.”

RAMP™, a Rational Affinity Maturation Platform, is designed to improve the ability of an antibody to bind without damaging the overall profile, has delivered results beyond affinity maturation. Factors that can be improved using the platform include stability, aggregation, yield, specificity and cross-reactivity, which are key considerations for clients who want to get their antibody to the clinic and market approval.