Fusion Antibodies introduce new services; Antibody Developability by Design, A.D.D.™

Fusion Antibodies are proud to introduce our A.D.D.™ platform, to help advance novel biologics through clinic development and to the market.

The more we learn about clinical successes and failures, the better we can apply our expert knowledge and cutting edge technologies to design exceptional antibodies. To help achieve this we are introducing our custom developed A.D.D.™ platform to assess and optimize the developability profile of your antibody at the earliest stages to deliver the best possible antibody sequence.

By developing your perfect antibody sequence, we will accelerate your development program, address potential developability issues, saving you time and money while increasing the chance of candidate success.

We offer a range of standard and tailored packages to help you reach your end goal and target candidate profile. Packages can be built from our suite of in silico analyses and in vitro techniques. This includes affinity optimisation, reducing propensity for aggregation, removal of T cell epitopes, CDR germlining, removal of charge variants and more.

Fusion Antibodies understand what it takes to deliver the optimal antibody sequence, to mitigate downstream risks and offer the best chances of success in the clinic.

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