Fusion Antibodies Humanizes its double-targeting antibody Fsn1006

Fusion Antibodies second therapeutic antibody program has just reached a major milestone, with the successful humanization of Fsn1006

Fsn1006 is a novel drug, which targets two key ligands of the EGF (Epidermal Growth Factor) family. Fsn1006 is being developed as a second generation therapeutic antibody targeting the EGFR signalling pathway for oncology indicators. This novel strategy for double-targeting within the EGFR signalling pathway has the potential to circumvent the limitations of currently approved therapies, with Fusion Antibodies’ drug displaying  multiple modes of action and potent anti-tumour activity in multiple cancer types independent of KRas mutational status.

With the recent advancement of this programme, Fusion Antibodies are currently seeking partnership to bring Fsn1006 to the next stage of development.

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