Antibody Sequencing

Antibody Sequencing

We offer unrivalled experience and expertise to deliver the accurate sequence for your antibody.

Accurate sequencing of your monoclonal antibodies is critical for downstream applications.  Our ground breaking services have made us a recognized leader in hybridoma sequencing, a service used repeatedly by top pharmaceutical and biomedical companies, clinical research organizations and research scientists around the globe. We have even been appointed by the US court of Delaware as expert witnesses in a multibillion-dollar drug case.

Fusion Antibodies have unmatched depth of knowledge in this highly skilled area of research, which will help accelerate your discovery and development process.

Meeting your project requirements is very important to us. We offer two sequencing technologies and will consult with your team to understand your goals and guide you to the right balance of cost, time and risk for your project.

Antibody Sequencing

Sanger Antibody Sequencing Service

For smaller projects, we offer a sequencing service based on the traditional Sanger sequencing methodology.

Fusion Antibodies were the first company in the world to offer antibody sequencing as service and our Sanger sequencing provides more than an antibody sequence. We sequence 10-50 antibody independent clones and build a strong consensus sequence, giving you confidence in the starting material for your development program (Engineering, Humanization, and Cell Line Development).

Sanger sequencing key points;

  • Guaranteed service – No sequence, no fee
  • Variable domain, Variable + leader and full antibody sequencing services available
  • Detailed report with methods, consensus build, CDR graphical representation and commentary
  • Expertise in Mouse & Rat (murine), Armenian Hamster (cricetine), rabbit (leporine), Dog (canine), Sheep (ovine) and others

Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) Antibody Sequencing Service

For antibody sequencing of larger numbers of clones we offer a next generation antibody sequencing service.

Next generation antibody sequence requires a high level of skill to obtain an accurate sequence and our methodology ensures this. Fusion Antibodies NGS service involves specific PCR amplifications of Ig genes and sequence reads of the resulting products. We do not use approaches of mRNA fragmentation and recombination in alignment with germline sequences, which has scope for error. We deliver sequences you can trust and invest in.

Next generation sequencing key points;

  • Long sequence reads avoids the inaccuracy of fragment alignment
  • Client confidentiality and project isolation
  • Optimised Ig-specific primers for multiple species

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